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Everyone looks into your eyes whenever they meet you. It’s unavoidable and it is instant. When you have a set of great eyes, they would like to keep looking at you. This is exactly why you should make use of the following tips, this will help you to definitely help make your eyes pop and sparkle. Continue reading, so you know of how easily you may make the eyes look gorgeous.

The eyebrows are definitely the key to the eyes. They shape your whole face plus they frame your eyes. They have to look nice or perhaps your entire face looks strange. For this reason it’s wise to pluck them into shape, try not to cause them to be too thin, as many people do. Then, they are going to look drawn on and extreme. Your nose will even look bigger.

Apply eye shadow correctly to help make your eyes pop. Begin with a primer so the shadow sticks. First, make use of the darkest color within the crease of your eye to make your eyes seem deeply set. Then sweep some shadow within a lighter shade on the lower lid. Be sure you use eye shadow to highlight the skin beneath your plucked brow. This brings about your eyes, particularly when you pair it along with other shadows. For those who have purple shadows within the eye area, make use of a yellow concealer.

Use 2 coats of mascara, and follow using a heated lash curler. Two coats is obviously to provide your eyes some dark cover, but the key would be to curl your lashes, particularly if they’re straight. A terrific way to do that should be to warm your curler using your hair dryer for a couple of seconds, then to curl your lash. You will get a much better curl, plus your mascara will assure that the lash stays put in that position.

Apply liquid eye liner if you wish to be dramatic. Pencil eyeliner tends to rub off, and does not look nearly as striking as good liquid eyeliner. You do have to be careful, on the other hand; you liquid eyeliner is harder to correct if one makes an error. It may be achieved, but don’t forget that you need to be cautious whenever you put it on.

Getting enough sleep is much more important compared to the makeup. You know that the eyes look better when you are well rested, and that dark circles beneath your eyes emerge if you do not get enough sleep. You must do what you could to ensure that you obtain the sleep you require, so that you will begin with a new canvas to make use of makeup to.

The eyes will say several things in regards to you, with all of the makeup available, you could have your eyes say anything you like to express. Just be sure that you employ the tips on this page. They are able to make you to feel more beautiful, and help your eyes to appear as gorgeous as ever. Regardless of what else you do with your day, you will know you look terrific.


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Nowadays argan oil is considered to be one of the major ingredients which helps to struggle against age changes of skin. For centuries it has been the favorite ingredient of Berber women. It helped to moisturize the skin and make it soft even in the hottest weather. But it was used not only for cosmetic purposes. In medicine it was used as an ointment for babies which helped to remove irritation and to avoid infections. It was even used in cooking. The argania spinosa tree from which argan oil is produced comes from Morocco. The extraction of oil is cleaner now but in that times it looked like that: goats were eating small fruits from the trees and the Berber women were collecting the undigested leftovers from the waste of these animals. Then they were splitting the nuts to get the core from which oil was extracted.

Benefits for skin care.
Argan oil is very useful. It includes a lot of antioxidants and nutrients such as omega 6 and omega 9 which are reducing inflammation. It also includes mono-glycerol, vitamin E and squalene, in order to make the skin soft, firm and to keep elasticity for a long time. Free radicals are fought with the help of polyphenols and sterols. Considering all these facts we may say for sure that argan oil is extremely useful, nourishing and possesses antibacterial properties. It helps to protect our skin from aging, caused by the influence which comes from the environment. There are some points of view according to which argan oil is useful when it is taken in, but there are no scientific proves for today.

Nowadays argan oil is widely used in hair, face and body cosmetics. It is so not only because of its moistening and nourishing properties but also because of its ability to strengthen skin, nails and hair. Argan oil can also be used in the treatment of singes and bruises and also such skin diseases as psoriasis and eczema. It is widely used in the treatment of chapped and dry skin and helps to avoid all the painful consequences.

This oil is useful not only for dry skin but also for oily type of skin. You will wonder why? The answer is easy. It balances the production of sebum in the layer of the skin and scalp. It is also very effective in treatment of acne, prevents from appearance of brown and dark spots. Also it helps to heal scarrings.

Argan oil is highly effective during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks are an often met problem among pregnant women. This oil helps to reduce or even prevent the risk of occurrence of such a problem. It is also said to be able to reduce cellulite, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles.

The use of argan oil in cosmetics.
There is a great number of cosmetic units which include argan oil or at least small amount of it. If you want to buy a 100% argan oil then there should be written on the package that it is a 100% argania spinosa kernel oil without any more additives. This oil should be sold in dark bottles made of glass and to have a nutty smell which will disappear in 10-15 minutes. If it doesn`t smell as a nut then it means that the oil might have been warmed too much. Then you should look for a cold one because the heat spoils all the beneficial qualities. Raw cosmetic oil is made from raw nuts from which extracting of oil is more difficult that is why the price is higher. It shouldn`t be too oily and should be absorbed quickly. If it stays oily then it means that it is an argan oil meant for cooking or it is mixed with olive oil.


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How to Apply the Perfect Base for Your Makeup

Applying the perfect base for your makeup is the key to achieving a flawless face. The base, also known as foundation, sets the precedent for the rest of your makeup. Perfectly lined eyes, bold lashes and defined cheeks with a touch of color would be nothing if the base is sub par. The problem is many women find applying foundation and concealing imperfections a challenge. Luckily, it is not as challenging as it seems. All you need is a great skincare routine, effective technique, and quality cosmetic to apply the perfect base for your makeup. Here’s how.

The first step to applying the perfect base for your makeup is to prep and prime the skin starting with a good cleanser and moisturiser. It is quite difficult, if not impossible, to apply foundation flawlessly, if your skin is not cared for properly. Using a facial cleanser on a daily basis will not only improve skin’s appearance but remove any dirt and/or oil from the skin. Once face is cleansed apply a moisturizer. Another great way to keep skin healthy is to exfoliate once a week to smooth skin and remove dead skin cells.

Once your face is cleansed and moisturized the next step is to apply a primer using a foundation brush. A primer will help your makeup stay on longer and provide a smooth surface for makeup to be applied. If you want that dewy finish, you can now apply a light pearl highlighter to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin using the same brush.

Now your skin is prepped and primed for the foundation. Assuming you have found a foundation that is your perfect shade, first decide on the coverage you want. If you want light coverage, use your fingers to dab foundation only to areas that need it. For those who prefer more coverage, use a cosmetic blending sponge or brush applying foundation to the entire face. To do so, start in the middle of the face and gently blend outward to get an even coverage.

When your foundation has been applied and is perfectly blended, you can now apply concealer. As we all know, foundation provides a certain level of coverage which means that you actually need less concealer than you think. To apply, use a concealer brush or your finger and blend gently. Note your concealer should be lightweight and one shade lighter than your skin.

Lastly, to set your makeup and keep your face shine free, finish with a translucent powder. Be sure to focus on your t-zone when applying. Using a translucent powder rather than a matte powder will make your face look luminous and healthy.

Overall, applying the perfect base for your makeup is simple. All you need to do is prep your face by cleansing and moisturizing, apply primer and foundation, conceal any imperfections and finish by dusting with a translucent powder. Once the perfect base has been achieved, you can add the finishing touches to your face.

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